Scotland’s potential in European fracking operations

WELL DRILLED: Lord Smith of Kelvin said there was a capable skills base in Scotland to develop fracking. Picture: Mark MainzA SENIOR Scottish business figure has backed plans for Scotland to play a major part in the UK becoming a hub for European fracking operations.

Lord Smith of Kelvin has backed fracking, saying that there is already a capable skills base in Scotland that could play its part in positioning the UK as a strong player if fracking gains more of a foothold in Europe.

He said: “The guys up in the North Sea can drill, pipeline and can do just about anything and they have done it miles under the surface.

“It would be great if we had an industry here where we actually have already skilled people rather than importing.”

Fracking has so far been a controversial subject due to worries over the activity’s potential damage to the environment and the concern over the process inducing earthquakes, such as the one that occurred near a shale gas operation in Lancashire in 2011.

Researchers have since claimed that whilst the pumping of fracking liquid does have the potential to reactivate dormant fault lines,  compared to many other human activities such as mining or filling reservoirs with water, fracking is not a significant source of tremors that can be felt on the surface.

The UK Onshore Operators Group last week suggested shale gas companies plan to drill between 20 and 40 exploration wells over the next three years.

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