Renown Group proud to achieve ISO 3834 and EN1090 certification

Renown Group Ltd are proud to announce it is now certified with ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for welding & EN1090 Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures. Each facility within the Group operate within the Group QMS and each facility was audited by TWI who are highly recognized in this field of activity. ISO 3834 Part 2 is also recognised as an achievement of certification to the following governing bodies:

IIW (International Institute of Welding) EWF (European Welding Federation)

Renown Group’s Engineering Technician, Jimmy Sinclair has said of this achievement;

“There is an increasing demand for quality and safety management concerning products manufactured through the welding process, Renown Group invested in a programme to add ISO 3834 & EN 1090 to our portfolio of approvals to demonstrate our commitment to this cause”.

J Sinclair EngTec TechweldI


EN1090 Information.

The Construction Products Directive (CPD) of 1989 was conceived in order to provide a common framework across the whole of the European Union to ensure the integrity of buildings and construction works. Because fabricated steel components are deemed “safety critical”, if you are involved in the manufacture or supply of these products then under the CPD it is now a legal requirement for you to adhere to the stringent requirements of BS EN 1090. You must also ensure that your products are appropriately CE marked.

ISO 3834 Information.

ISO 3834, Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials, the specification demonstrates what is regarded as best practice with regard to the control of welding and its associated activities. Not being a mandatory specification it has, to a large extent, been ignored by welding fabricators who have adopted the attitude that they will implement the requirements when they have to. That point has now been reached for many companies with the publication of the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and a number of related specifications that reference ISO 3834 and will therefore directly affect the structural steel industry.

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