Pensher Skytech celebrate being the only company in Europe with EI120 test

One of Renown Group’s companies celebrates an incredible achievement. Pensher Skytech is proud to announce they have successfully passed a challenging fire test (integrity and insulation) on their steel doors.

The fire door was put through a bespoke fire test at the Exova test centre in Warrington, which evaluates how long the door could last in a real-life fire situation. The door survived the 2-hour benchmark, making this the only fire door system in Europe able to withstand a fire for that amount of time and be accredited with an EI120 rating to EN 1634.

Pensher Skytech's EI120 steel fire door passing the 2 hour mark

Pensher Skytech’s EI120 steel fire door passing the 2-hour mark

The specimen was a double door set, 2200mm wide x 2500mm high. One leaf was fully glazed and the other was a steel opaque door leaf allowing either glazed or non-glazed variants to be supplied.

The door is designed with an intermediate level of blast resistance, making it suitable for petrochemical sites, defence and military sites, airports and train stations, or in any area at risk of natural and forced explosions. It is also ideal for healthcare facilities, where it can take more time to get people out of the building.

The system can be incorporated as an internal or external door, has high thermal values and extreme weather resistance.

Pensher Skytech’s Technical Manager, Derek Quinn has said, “We are proud of our accomplishment as it believed to the first EI120 double hinged door system in Europe. We feel there is an increasing need for this type of

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