Pensher Skytech Blast Doors Installed at Data Centre in Singapore

The security of the world’s digital data is a critical part of international infrastructure. The threat to the cyber world is not just from malicious hackers. It is clear that national and international data centres themselves need the physical security to resist terrorist attacks. Pensher Skytech is delighted to announce the installation of their blast resistant doors at one of Asia’s largest data centres in Singapore. Working with their Singapore partners, BP (Systems), they have completed the project on time and within budget, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Derek Quinn, Pensher Skytech’s Technical Manager said, ‘It is always great to export our products overseas; our expertise in blast resistant doors is sought after throughout the world. We are proud to contribute when we can help in making the world a safer place’.

Double Leaf Blast Door - Internal View, Singapore, Data Centre, Pensher Skytech Single Leaf Blast Resistant Door - Internal View, Singapore Data Centre, Pensher Skytech

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