Pensher Skytech invent high rise fire solution

UL Fire Window 1 hour test - high rise skyscraper-pensher-skytech UL Fire Window 1 hour test for high risk skyscrapers -pensher-skytech 433X284New Year’s Eve 2016 saw the celebrations in Dubai overshadowed by a massive fire at a 63-storey luxury hotel.

The fire started on the 20th floor of the Address Downtown Hotel and engulfed the exterior of the hotel in a matter of seconds, making it the third skyscraper fire since 2012.

Whilst fire-resistant glass is effective in preventing the spread of fires, apartments and hotel rooms require ventilation. However, if a conventional fire window is left open, then it is completely ineffective as a fire would spread through the opening.

Renown Group’s subsidiary, Pensher Skytech, has designed a solution to this problem, by developing and testing an automatic fire-resistant window. Its key features include:

  • A sliding window which will automatically close when a signal is received from a fire detection system.
  • The window is fully fire tested to UL and EN standards for 1 hour of fire protection.
  • The system includes a transparent mesh, preventing accidents such as people falling out of the window, and providing much more ventilation than a side hung window.
  • There is a push button operation to open and close the slider under normal conditions.
  • The window is thermally insulated and the glass can include solar control coatings.

Recent fire test trials show that the system can resist both flames and has insulation properties, thus preventing extreme heat passing through the glass and frame. This development could be a significant solution in preventing future high-rise fire disasters.

For more information on this please contact Pensher Skytech at or on 0191 250 0113.

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