‘Outstanding’ Double KTP Success for Renown Group

Results from two recently completed KTP projects conducted over 2 years within Renown Group from 2010 – 2012 have been graded with the top award: ‘Outstanding’.

Jack McCusker and Ben Moore worked within Renown through Northumbria University, running projects to enhance particular areas of Renown’s performance in Engineering and Marketing respectively. Renown Group Managing Director, John Hamilton, deemed the success a “fine example” of the company’s efforts to introduce young, promising graduates into the business.

Mr Hamilton continued, ”we have a number of graduates and placement students within the business now, and it’s key to our success and competitive edge that we have young talent on board”.

Jack and Ben have since been taken on as full employees of Renown in order to continue the work their projects started.

For more information regarding the KTP Scheme, please visit www.ktponline.org.uk

To read a full article on the Northumbria University website, please click here: Engineering a business success

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