“Can the hopes of North-East businesses fit in a little red briefcase?”

Today’s Budget represents one of the last opportunities for the Coalition to inject growth into the economy.

The oil and gas industry has proved itself to be a significant contributor to the wellbeing of the North East region and as George Osbourne prepares to make his speech The Northern Echo asks North-East businesses what they would like to see in George Osborne’s red briefcase.

George Rafferty, chief executive of Durham Citybased NOF Energy is among the contributors and comments, “The oil and gas sector is one of the jewels in the UK economy’s crown and deserves to be heralded as such with measures that stimulate further investment.’

Further contributions have included the NECC as they urge the Government to use the upcoming budget to empower the North East business by backing regional exports and manufacturing.

Read the full story and contribute to the discussion here: “Can the hopes of the North-East businesses fit in a little red briefcase?”


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